Alcohol-free Kombucha Arensbak White



Arensbak White has the vinous notes that you're already familiar with from the world of wine. The floral taste comes from the use of Oolong tea (kombucha).

Beautiful taste and aroma of quince, flowers, melon, thyme, and fresh citrus fruit with a hint of vanilla. It possesses a refined structure and balanced acidity. Tannins are also detected on the palate, and it offers a long aftertaste.

Danish Arensbak creates fermented tea infused with selected spices and other ingredients. Emilie Øst Jacobsen is a trained waiter and sommelier who has worked at Michelin-starred restaurants like Kong Hans and Alchemist. Bram Kerkhof is a gastrophysicist with experience at Noma's fermentation lab, among others. Christian Arensbæk, the entrepreneur behind the venture, named it after himself with the aim of creating vinous, alcohol-free beverages. He succeeded.

Arensbak contains only 1/3 of the calories found in traditional wine. It should be enjoyed in a chilled wine glass at 12-14 degrees Celsius and benefits from opening up in the glass before being consumed.

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